Corey and Katlyn Stanton

“All we want is 6 hens”

That’s where it started. Well “chicken math” is real, now here we are. It begins with a young couple with 2 beautiful children, who unexpectedly fell in love with farming.

We are Katlyn & Corey the hands & hearts, who started Maplescapes Farm. City folk moved to Odessa Ontario where our Farm is located. Our Farm is family owned & operated.

We have rapidly grown expanding our Farm from Maple Syrup, to Eggs, to Chickens, to Honey Bees.

It is our goal to bring the best in home-grown, healthiest, locally produced products, & foods to our community.

Free range chickens Odessa Ontario

100% Free Range

Ethically-raised, the chickens are free range birds which means they spend time outside daily once they are mature enough to do so.

The chickens are free to peck and scratch on a surface consisting of grasses and insects as chickens should. The chickens are sheltered at night to provide maximum protection from predators.

The free-range environment also stresses the importance of natural light and cycles. Most importantly, free range chickens are held to a high standard of cleanliness which requires that our birds have a clean bedding and fresh pasture.

The combination of abundant space, natural air-flow, natural light, clean bedding and fresh pasture results in higher quality chicken. We invite you to try it for yourself.